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Neuropathic pain/ tingling/ weird sensations.. what to do?

Czech Republic or UK

Sorry I am a new to the forum. I have had ME for 15 years now. I have managed to live a generally full life generally but stress and overdoing things has completely changed my symptoms over last few months.

I have developed tingling in my hands and feet, prickling over most of my body and the feeling of snow falling on my skin. It is like my body is falling asleep. My hands and feet get very cold also. My joints seem to be very clicky. My fatigue is bad and I have very painful shoulder and hip. In the past I used to get sunburn skin sensation but that appears to have gone in favour of my new more annoying symptoms

I was wondering what I should do to try to improve this neuropathic pain. I am taking high strength b complex, magnesium vitamin d, omega 3, vitamin c and eating mostly wholefoods and doing some mild stretching

I have had some tests which show vit b and magnesium levels are normal. In fact everything is normal so far, although my white cell count is a little high. Neurologist thinks I am just suffering from anxiety and depression.. but has ordered a brain scan. My GP has prescribed Neurotin.. but I don't want to take it yet. I was taking Zoloft but I am being taken off it as tingling can be a side effect, although my doctor and me dont think it is the cause.

I am trying to relax and rest at the moment. Had to take time off work for a few months as it was getting worse and worse along with extreme fatigue. I have more energy again but need to focus on what to try now....

Any advice would be greatly appreciated..



I need to work out where to go from here...

Can anyone give me advice on what tests I should get or what I could try? I do some strectching
In my case it was a sign of Orthostatic Intolerance. My tingling, temperature control issues, numbness, cold feet, hands Is much better (only comes back when dehydrated). I am on midodrine and floirinef.


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It can certainly be electrolyte imbalance. You might want to do a check of those and a hormone panel for starters.