Neural Therapy - Greek/German doctor issues some research/report paper



Can anyone translate?? I have seemed to found this Greek doctor here which is of great interest to me as i currently live in Greece that comments on neural therapy. Actually the more i have read about this from Mike the more i realise the truth and effectiveness behind dr. J. Goldsteins approach (the psychiatrist-neurosomatic doctor who treated CFS patients for many years- anyone visited him???)

Anyways, i am interested in finding more and more about this Neural therapy- i dont understand really how this may work and a person like Mike can recover whilst still having so many infections in his body. Does this therapy actually anesthetize the immune system from reacting to a pathogen?? I cant really understand it based on the medical knowledge i have compiling all those years. Offcourse dr. Goldstein also did the same things to his patients as i read in his books, giving them CNS anesthetics like ketamine/an NMDA receptor blocker.
I am thinking of travelling to Germany if possible to find some proper clinics, since i dont really trust Greek medical system nowadays, but need really to identify the logic behind this therapy.