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Neopterin/Biopterin & Organix comp results (*High Biopterin/High Glucarate*)

Have any of you had neopterin/biopterin levels tested?

Just got my results back:
Neopterin 0.26 (0.15 - 0.79)
Biopterin 0.21 (0.04 - 0.35)
Neopterin/Biopterin ratio 1.24 (0.04 - 8.67)

My test results didn't contain any interpretation/guidance, and my ARNP knows little about pterins. From what I've come across, my results seem to suggest Dihydropteridine Reductase (DHPR) deficiency. Can any of you relate, or know about pterins? I'm curious if this type of Neop/Biop relationship plays a role into my fatigue and severe OCD/anxiety. Btw, interestingly enough, if you look up treatment protocol for DHPR, it indicates a low Phe diet (so it seems to be a secondary form of PKU?), as well as folinic acid.

I also received my Organix comprehensive amino acid results that indicated "Very High" Glucarate @ 17.5 (max is 10.7) which my ARNP thought was interesting but didn't explain much about what it meant. Other than that, I now know I'm also a fast oxidizer. :)

Are there additional resources online that anyone can recommend for additional information about how to handle these results??


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This is interesting, but I have never had these test before. I hope someone that has knowledge of this can shed some light on your situation. Just out of curiosity what does the "AR" stand for in ARNP? Hope you get some feedback soon and I believe you will.

Hope you have better days soon!


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I have also had these checked and both came back within normal range. This was especially suprising to my doctor and i since i got M.E. from encephalitis and i still have severe, severe mental and psychological symptoms. He said that if neopterin is in normal range than that discounts the possibility of brain inflammation and therefore the actual name "Encephalomyelitis" wouldnt fit. Weird since brain stem inflammation is thought to be largely responsible for this illness