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Misfit Toy

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I have MCAS, Dysautonomia, POTS, Sjogrens, CVID, you name it. What do you do when you have no doctor to tell you what to do? I just called my doctor on emergency and he hates it. He hates when I call. It's not fair. Ever since I had covid, I am not absorbing hormones. None of them. My estradiol is so low. I have no ovaries. You can't go to a standard GYN for this. They don't understand.

Estradiol fuels histamine for me. It fuels it. I have ringing in my ears. I have been on a cream of E for a few years. I have tried the patch, injections, none of it works. I am in a full blown DEPRESSION. I should have a doctor that I can go to for all of it. I can't afford a fancy overpriced functional medicine doctor. They don't help either. I have seen my doctor since 2000. HE doesn't have it in him anymore like he used to.

The last cream of estradiol I was on made me feel better mentally somewhat. I had the ability to focus on TV shows. But, for whatever reason, my breasts were killing me on it. I have no idea why. My estradiol was so low on it. And yet my breasts were killing me.

I had to switch to a different cream because I had no breast pain on it, but I felt depressed on it.

Why? Because somehow the ingredients in each cream are different. They are different and I am having a histamine response to them. TO ALL OF THEM.

I have SIBO, Yeast, you name it. I am barely hanging on.


I am sorry I am not on here enough. I can't be. I am either sick or working. I can't live on SSDI. SSDI is a joke. It doesn't do shit for me. I have to work. It covers my rent. That's it. I am in PA. If anyone has any recommendations for good doctors, please let me know. I feel crazy.

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Why? Because somehow the ingredients in each cream are different.

I seem to recall a friend telling me she got all these hormones formulated and made just for her by some pharmacist.

That makes me wonder if you could somehow get the stuff you need but its been combined with other substances you can tolerate which are not as intensely triggering.

Maybe call around?

Estradiol fuels histamine for me. It fuels it. I have ringing in my ears.

I do not know much about this, sorry. Is there any other form of estrogen that is less disruptive?

And what about the weight thing they mention how our fat can produce estrogen. I"m not fat but I did gain a few pounds and that got me wondering if I should worry about too much estrogen (menopausal here)


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@Misfit Toy - I feel for you! A good doctor who does not charge the moon is almost impossible to find. I've been helped a lot by chiropractors who do muscle testing - both in figuring out what's going on and what can be done about it, often using Standard Process (or similar) products. I eventually learned how to do MT myself, though I still will see a practitioner at times to confirm or compare results. The Standard Process website has a search feature where you can look for practitioners in your area who use their products. If you're reacting badly to a certain product, they might be able to suggest something different.

btw, SIBO can be caused by low stomach acid. Stomach acid helps keep unwanted bacteria in check and if it's low, it will allow the wrong bacteria to flourish. A good MT practitioner should be able to help with this. And they're a lot cheaper than the pricey functional medicine/integrative doctors!

Maybe something like this would help you with your estrogen: Estrogen for Women, 30 vegetarian tablets - Life Extension Of course it may not be strong enough, but one way to find out.

I have pretty much stopped relying on doctors to help me. I'll do as much research as I can and then ask a doctor if they will prescribe such and so, instead of asking them what should I do because most don't know the answer.
One more suggestion - a naturopath might be able to help and you may be able to find someone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Unfortunately they're generally not covered by insurance but most doctors who are covered by insurance have been unable to help me. Though I was very fortunate to find an exception recently. I moved to Texas 6 months ago and found a DO who does take Medicare and who listens to me too. He's willing to work with me, I think he's in essence a functional medicine doctor though he doesn't advertise that way. So you might get lucky with a DO - read the doctor reviews - this guy got good reviews and he seems to deserve them.