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Neck pain makes my brain work better & other bizarre symptoms


Senior Member

I am really baffled by my symptoms and how they correlate with each other.

Last year I did very high doses of vitamin D as part of Coimbra protocol for autoimmune diseases. (I also have Lyme, likely).
On high dose vit D, it was first time in life I got neck pains. Upper neck/brain stem area.

Then i felt much less fatigue and like reconnected to my body.

When pain would get more extreme- my fatigue would almost diminish and my brain would get much better.
Happened 100 times, very clear pattern

I am off vit D for 5+ months because of other issues it gave me (it made some of my autoimmune brain issues worse - gave me autistic feel and also first time in life I got extreme drop in IQ, 30 points at least, it was scary and then I stopped it).
after 5 months, i still have high levels in blood.

But now again get neck pain and that improves my brain.

When i'd feel neck pain i'd feel more activity in frontal lobe too , where i also have 247 pain since I was on antibiotics and I literally feel like part of my frontal lobe is missing.. empty.. (from a bit of reading somehow brainstem activates frontal cortex?)

Could this somehow be linked to blood flow ?

I was even suggested by someone, before, its phantom pain, when i was on vit D

Misfit Toy

Senior Member
Hi, I am thinking the neck pain was triggering cortisol to be released. Whenever there is pain, adrenaline can get going and that can fire off the brain. Not positive about this, but that is usually how it works.

Vitamin D is a steroid/hormone so it does affect the brain. People who say differently are not correct. Vitamin D has been known to give people energy. It also matters how it is made. Where it is derived from, or what is added to it..filler so to speak.

Anyway, whenever I have neck pain, I have more energy because of the pain itself, but it's not good energy, it's energy from pain, which is never good. I can talk more, my mind moves faster due to the connection to the nervous system.

Just some thoughts.


Senior Member
For me is a good energy, but not only energy, it gave me back cognitive and motoric functions I didnt have for years, which is not really something I think pain can do. Feels like my body-brain is re connecting.
And in this case other kind of pain would make me feel better too, and it doesnt :)

Vitamin D has immune modulating function, but nobody knows how it works at so high doses that i took. I think from my own experience some part of Marshall theory is even correct. This is why I got mixed results.