Nanotech strategy shows promise for treating autoimmune disease December 1, 2022


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Scientists at Scripps Research have reported success in initial tests of a new, nanotech-based strategy against autoimmune diseases.
The scientists, who reported their results on November 23, 2022, in the journal ACS Nano, engineered cell-like "nanoparticles" that target only the immune cells driving an autoimmune reaction, leaving the rest of the immune system intact and healthy. The nanoparticles greatly delayed, and in some animals even prevented, severe disease in a mouse model of arthritis.

Tests confirmed that the treatment dramatically reduced the mice's production of anti-GPI antibodies, and at the same time boosted their Treg populations.
Paulson says his team plans to follow up these highly promising results with further optimization of the nanoparticle strategy.
"We were able to 'cure' a third of these animals in this early demonstration, and I think there's the potential to combine our nanoparticles with other immune modulator treatments to make it even more effective," Paulson says. "So that will our next step -- as well as demonstrating our technology against other autoimmune diseases caused by unwanted immune responses to a self-antigen."