NADH & Alcohol - Any experts?

Hi there! I would greatly appreciate someone's explanation and interpretation of NADH and alcohol. There is a product called sober rush that provides quite a bit (60mg) of NADH that you are to take after alcohol consumption. I am fairly knowledgeable on a lot of supplements and biology but cannot figure out Nadh and how a supplement of it would help (or hurt) alcohol metabolism as I find it so confusing. What I do know, I have been taking NADH anytime I have alcohol (tried both after and before consumption) and it reduces next day fatigue, but has caused me some fairly consistent liver pain the day after taking it. I am very confused and unsure as to whether NADH is helpful or harmful for the liver...if you google it it says "NADH promotes alcohol metabolism and prevents liver injury caused by alcohol. NADH alleviates the abnormal lipid metabolism in acute alcoholic liver damage. NADH can be used as an agent to protect and recover liver function damage.", yet, if you read the two studies below it sounds like NADH accumulation is exactly what causes alcoholic liver disease. I would so appreciate someone to properly interpret this...maybe taking NADH as a supplement preserves NAD+ and promotes alcohol metabolism? I REALLY don't want to do more damage than would normally be done.

Thanks so much!