Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: need more funding for research, awareness, support.

Jo Best

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There are 250,000 men, women, children in the UK suffering from ME. While other illnesses get support, sufferers are told it a psychological illness and offered a variety of therapy. But the answers lie with the biomedical scientists, who need more funding to find cause and cure.
  • Created by Sharon Anne Tiday (mother of young ME sufferer Shannon Tiday)
My daughter is one of the next generation having to endure this horrific sentence of trying to save as much energy just to try and get through the day so they don't sink further into their world of illness. For many sufferers who are older it may be too late, as half their lives has already been blighted and damaged on this devastating journey - many confined to their beds, a shadow of all their hopes and dreams been ripped away from them, never being able to reach their true potential. We owe it now to give the next generation a chance to find a cure to fulfil their potential and become part of life again. We need the government to listen to our voice and give sufferers the funding, support, respect they desperately need.
  • Deadline 20 April 2018