My story about cfs symptoms and medical wandering

Hi, i though i was gonna share a quick summary of my story in hope it could help some of you that might be in the same situation as i am/was.

about 1.5-2 years ago i started to have weird symptoms flu like (fever, heavy fatigue) but also cognitive symptoms ( heavy diziness, hard to focus, hard to think at all at some point), it was like being poisonned, but everyday

i saw a few doctors and specialists which didn't found what was going on, so they concluded it was stress...

symptoms persisted, after a few months i started having new symptoms, mainly pains in my joints.
it started with knees and spread to other parts of the body.

i kept seeking help with other doctors as pain and cognitive symptoms were not compatible with my professional and personnal life.
a few doc i saw suspected lyme disease ( as i was beaten by a tick before it happend, and use to go walk in the woods often), but the tests came back negative (did 2 or 3 elisa)

probably did 20 blood works, did serveral scanners, IRM etc, everything came back negative, on the paper i was perfectly healthy but it got to a point were i had to stop working, i even had to stop walking my dog as the pain in my knees was unberable.

one doctor in a hospital, which was supposed to be one of the best in my country, concluded that i probably have CFS/ME, and told me the only way to treat it was with a psychologist... pretty depressing

finally i contacted some doctor which use to work in research on lyme disease.
He ran other tests and managed to identify the problem.

It's appears that it's an infection by borrelia miyamotoi, which is a kind of Borrelia but not the one that gives lyme disease ( Borrelia burgdorferi), it gives symptoms-like lyme disease, as i understood it's not identified by classic elisa antibody test which only tests for a few borrelia strains
found this article about a girl who had the same issue and late diagnostic :

So currently i'm on antibiotics trying to get rid of it... pray for me guys
Sorry for long post and bad english


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It just seems that whatever weakness in the immune system that lands a patient with me cfs after mono is the same weakness that leads them to have complications with lyme disease. People with me cfs seem to be more likely to get lyme.


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What test showed Miyamotoi? Phelix Phage from RED labs? I recommend do also LTT Miyamotoi from Armin labs.
It is suspicious how many phage tests return positive...
Most effective treatment for Miyamotoi may be Disulfiram + Minocyclin + Malarone