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My Results from 23andMe - Any Help Appriciated!

Hi everyone,

It's my first time posting. I've read many articles but would love to get any help from someone that understands Methylation better then I do. I've attached my Genetic Genie result to this post.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • GeneticGenieResults.png
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The +/+ MTHFR SNP does have the most impact - slowing of the enzyme - but is easy enough to compensate for. Supplementation with the cofactor B2 may help stimulate a sluggish enzyme while supplementation with the end product of the reaction, methylfolate may also be helpful.

Two other +/- SNPs have a small effect, COMT V158M and MTRR K350R. Both slightly slow the relevant enzyme. Supplementation with the COMT cofactor magnesium may be helpful, methylB12 for MTRR.

The idea that COMT SNPs mean you don't tolerate methyl groups is just someone's theory with no real evidence.

You may or may not be sensitive to methyl groups but it has nothing to do with COMT.

None of the other SNPs amount to anything.


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I have recently uploaded my 23andme results to livewello. IT is a bit to much information for me to handle on my own. Does anyone have a good doctor to recomend?


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See the SNPs Interpretation Guide in my signature link. Don't forget to run the Detox panel from Genetic Genie.


I have two lists of methylation practitioners in my signature link.

There is also a brand new interpretation from Ben Lynch called Strategene. A couple years in the making. I haven't ordered this personally yet, but it according to his preview video, it includes the epigenetic factors that affect each SNP. This is very useful info.


There is a private Facebook group where you can ask questions (once you purchase it).