My neuropathy flares up whenever my gut/digestive symptoms do?

Note, I talk about some symptoms of gastroparesis here so might be a little gross..

My neuropathy seems to affect me on an autonomic level, I've been dealing with a paralyzed stomach since last year amongst several other symptoms. This also seems to have a big effect on my nerve sensations throughout my body. When I woke up one day and I had to vomit because of the gastroparesis, I had a lot of pins and needles throughout my body, and only after I was done vomiting did the pins and needles go away and was replaced by this hot flash sensation.

Also when I have taken prokinetics before bed to get my stomach going the next day, my stomach is making really loud noises throughout the day after, likely because the prokinetic has made my paralyzed stomach go up and running again, I'm experiencing a lot of pins and needles in my body and twitching. I also experience burning sensations (like burning skin) at times as well.

Is this because of some vitamin deficiency going on? Or electrolytes?

Rufous McKinney

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I read all these things :

The neurotransmitters implicated in the control of nausea and vomiting include acetylcholine, dopamine, histamine (H1 receptor), substance P (NK-1 receptor), and serotonin (5-HT3 receptor).

so something there is likely causing the neurological effects..


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Citicoline helped my constipation. It is used to make acetylcholine which is used for gut motility, peristalsis.
I don't have gastroparesis. Choline deficiency has been mentioned as one cause of it.

Citicoline has a lower amount of phosphorus. Phosphorus can cause constipation and cramping in high amounts.
Lecithin and phosphatidylcholine have a lot of phosphorus.

Magnesium is used as a laxative. Potassium can be used as one.