My liver biopsy results

I had a liver biopsy done and the results were finalized a few days after but I didn't find out about it until 10 days after, what a joke of a medical system. Here are the results:

Liver biopsy notes:
normal liver.
no steatosis, fibrosis or inflammation.

Two good quality cores are present with approximately 10 portal tracts available to review. Hepatic architecture is intact and no steatosis is seen. The portal tracts are normal and without inflammation. The bile ducts are normal. There are scattered glycogenated hepatocyte nuclei. There is no cholestatsis. PASD stain highlights the limiting plates and scattered ceroid macrophages. Trichrome highlights the normal fibrous architecture. No stainable iron is present.

From what I can tell, they did H&E, PASD, trichrome stain. The staff confirmed those stains. I asked for photomicrographs of the stains (pictures) but they said they don't do that. I asked what if I wanted a second opinion, how would they transfer the data and they said they'd send the slides.

I called them to ask why the other stains that I asked to be used weren't and asked specifically for KOH and congo red for fungus and amyloidosis, respectively. They said they will do the KOH and will bill me for whatever insurance doesn't cover, I asked how much it'd be without insurance and they said they didn't know. Haha, typical. They also said they don't have congo red.

I will call medical records to get my results in a few business days, that might be the quickest way. Just another day of fighting carelessness, stupidity, pleasing the insurance company, etc. Then again, they were nice enough to do another stain for me over the phone and likely it will be free. I will get my slides and sample transferred to histowiz for a second opinion as a research project rather than for medical diagnosis even though they have MD pathologists on staff. Histowiz does take photographs and since I will be the person paying, I will be in charge of what goes on.

The invasive radiologist did a good job and the pathologist did a pretty good job too, but once again, specialization is not too good for the patient when combined with regulatory capture and vertical integration would solve this communication problem. It is difficult to execute vertical integration because of so much regulation and vested interesting demanding their cut due to regulatory capture. What an uncertain terrain to navigate. The health don't need to care and the sick have lots to fight over already.
we knew I didn't have cancer or alcoholic fatty liver disease, the MRI showed that. I wanted to rule out fungal infections and amyloidosis, neither of the related stains to that end were initially performed. They will do the KOH.

Not sure how to interpret this: "There are scattered glycogenated hepatocyte nuclei," any help would be welcome. I don't have obesity or diabetes or pre-diabetes. The closest thing I found is mitochondrial damaged cells, which is consistent with my <dl succinate, not sure why that'd show up in the nuclei of the cells though.