My C. Diff experience

This post is more about an interesting tidbit in case anyone else gets c. diff since I saw that here and thought this might help than trying to pollute the conversation with something irrelevant to ME/CFS.

My mother got c diff and I kinda forgot about it and used the same toilet she did, turns out some of the water got up my bum, haha. I treated it 12 hours after that incident because I was starting to have some abdominal cramping and a sorta diahrrea feeling even though it didn't mainfest in the toilet. I did a coffee enema and oral drink, each containing a tea of berberines made from oregon grape root and goldenseal. I did that in the morning. In the afternoon I drank diatamecous earth. At night, I drank probiotics. I did all that for 2 days and felt back to normal.

My mother was getting worse with the treatments the doctors gave me, she got the c diff after taking an antibiotic and the antibiotic for the c diff made things better for a bit but then she got worse. Finally after 2 weeks of asking her to try what I tried, she gave in, her diahhrea and wait loss stopped for a few days, got slightly worse for a week, then she got better. She was drinking probiotics and prebiotics after the 2 day treatment. Interestingly, she was on 20mg/day lisenopril which is contraindicative because the berberines impede the cytochrome P450's responsible for breaking down the beta blocker, but I guess in her case it didn't have an affect. I really should have checked that beforehand, even though I did ask her for what medications she was on, I don't think she mentioned the lisenopril. Lucky she was fine.