MWPCA Ad Hits Time Square!


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Isn't that something!

ME/CFS in Times Square

For three days, a photo of Jan Laverick, which was part of the MCWPA press release, was on display off and on in Times Square and on a screen in Las Vegas. The message with that photo is that ME/CFS patients are invisible no more.

Go here to see it:

We are proud to announce that the MCWPA Cafepress fundraising store is ready for you .

A wide range of MCWPA merchandise is available for sale on the site, including a great unisex sweatshirt for the cold weather many of us are experiencing! If you are not done with your holiday shopping, consider using fundraising items for gifts. We hope to add a $25 donation card to the Cafepress store in the near future for gift purposes.

We need to build up our kitty now. Most of the money you on the facebook cause page has been spent on the ad and the press release. You may donate here:

Please consider posting a holiday wish through facebook causes for the MCWPA.


Clay, Alabama

When uploading the press release into the PR Newswire, you upload the photo. Then there is a place to enter a "photo heading". When speaking to customer service, they said this is supposed to be a heading that ties in the photo with the theme of the press release.

We understand now what this is about. It was part of the newswire service since we paid to have the photo. Without the photo in the press release, we would not have gotten this. We had to pay extra to include the photo.

Just glad to see "ME/CFS" in Times Square. Like any grassroots, it has to start somewhere and we will build and fine tune and learn.