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Muscle spasms triggered by light gestures


Senior Member
Hello! I discovered something recently, as many of you I have occasional muscle spasms. However, I discovered that I can trigger them very badly when doing very fine gestures with my fingers. For example, if I play with a grain of rice and I try to pass it from finger to finger as gently as possible (like in the video below) my arms muscle tense up and my neck starts spasming as well.

It almost looks like an epileptic seizure except that I'm fully conscious and it stops as soon as I stop doing it. (I've been tested for epilepsy and the results are negative). My current theory is that this is some sort of release of muscle tension.

Have you guys experienced something similar to this?



Senior Member
yes i get this when my muscles are tired... which is basically all the time. but for me its worse in the feet when i try to "close" my feet like a fist, bending the toes inwards they become jittery.

but i think this can also be all kinds of neurology issues. i dont know.


Senior Member
Nothing to that degree. But often my muscles will tighten and stiffen up rom light movements/exercises/activities. I wouldn't call it a spasms or seizure like at all, as that seems degree much worse than mine. But they get really stiff like it's been stuck in one position for a long time. For my case, I think it's a blood / oxygen purfusion issue, as it seems to be alleviated somewhat when I stop and stretch out


Senior Member
I think it's possible for it to work either way. Release of muscle tension or an increase of the same travelling farther (further) up a limb. If it doesn't cause unusual problems, perhaps just ignoring it for a time may work.

Our muscles can loosen or tighten and that is common in many people. Yours, Lenora