Muscle spasm medications?


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Does it feel like small leaping frogs trapped under your skin?

If so, I take just a pinch of ginkgo.

My guess is that it improves circulation to those areas however some sites say ginkgo can cause tachycardia which is why I only take a pinch because I also deal with racing heart sometimes too.

Edit: Ginkgo also helps with my tinnitus.

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You might try either, or both, magnesium (I use mag glycinate, as does DB who has really bad muscle spasms right now) and/or potassium.

I prefer to try anything natural before dosing with chemicals that have numerous and often enduringly unpleasant side effects, that almost inevitably leads to polypharmacy as more and more prescriptions are added to combat side effects, including those of the meds prescribed for initial side-effects ....

Gingko, as rec'd by @Judee, is also a good possibility.... you might try coupling it with a small amount of cayenne to speed it along and increase it's effect.

There's something else that I cant quite remember right now, but when I do, I'll come back and post it for you ....


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Medicinal Cannabis oil - THC helps me with sleep and CBD helps to calm me and is also a very good muscle relaxant. Together, I find them far superior to Baclofen because the relaxant effect is more complete / even.


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Mg++, for sure.

I take Mg++ citrate 100-200mg twice a day, and I mix a little Epsom Salts in with my body wash when I shower, for additional help. It provides a pleasant gritty texture to the soap that leaves my skin and muscles feeling nice.