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MRI scan results


Senior Member
Hello all. I have recently had an MRI scan at Medserena in London. My images were forwarded to Dr. Gilete in Barcelona. As I have got a neck problem this is why I had the scan. Last week I had an online consultation with Dr. Gilete. He said that although my scans weren't how they should be, he wasn't fully convinced my symptoms were caused by this. His first suggestion is I be tested with regard to mast cell issues. He is compiling a report for my GP. Does anyone know if in the UK this mast cell thing can be investigated within the NHS? All information greatly appreciated. Sorry but I put this same point in wrong place earlier.


Senior Member
Hi, @ruben. Have you joined the Facebook group "ME/CFS+ (CCI, Chiari, Spinal Stenosis, CSF leaks, Vascular Stenosis)" started by @JenB? If not, it's very active with people investigating cervical issues and you might get more answers there. Best of luck!