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Senior Member
Came across this interesting clinical Trail with Moxonidine.

has anyone here tested Moxonidine for their POTS?

Autonomic Determinants of POTS - Pilot 2

Detailed Description:
Patients with POTS experience symptoms and an increase in heart rate≥30 beats/min with standing in the absence of orthostatic hypotension. As a result of considerable functional impairment, individuals with POTS are often unable to attend school or work. There is agreement that POTS is a heterogeneous disorder with multiple overlapping pathophysiologies proposed to underlie the clinical phenotype of patients. It would be important to define the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms in an individual patient to design optimal therapy. Our overarching hypothesis is that there is a subset of POTS patients (psPOTS) with a central sympathetic activation as the primary pathophysiology. We have characterized these patients by an increase in muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA, a reflection of central sympathetic outflow) even at rest. In this project, we will focus on the role of primary sympathetic activation in the pathogenesis of POTS. Direct neural recordings of sympathetic activity, central sympathetic inhibition and extensive autonomic phenotyping will enable us to identify and correct the primary pathophysiology to optimally benefit psPOTS patients. This is a mechanistic study, designed to assess the effects of 4 weeks of central sympatholysis with moxonidine on orthostatic tachycardia and symptoms (Specific Aim 1), hypovolemia (Specific Aim 2) and central and peripheral baroreflex properties (Specific Aim 3) in a randomized, crossover design with POTS patients having elevated resting sympathetic nerve activity.

Experimental: Moxonidine then Placebo
After 5 days of screening/baseline evaluations, patients will be discharged home on moxonidine 0.2-0.4 mg/day PO. On days 29, 30 and 31, the patients will be re-admitted for study testing while on moxonidine. At completion of this testing, patients will start taking matching placebo once daily PO to be continued at home. On days 58, 59 and 60, the patients will be re-admitted for study testing while on placebo.


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I am currently on Atenolol - 100 mg and Amlodipine - 10 mg (Combination tablet). So if I switch over to Moxonidine will I loose the benefits that a beta blocker offers ? Any idea ?

BTW I am not able to stay upright for more than 5 hours totally in a day. Continuous 3 hrs max then I feel giddy and weakness in my chest.