More on the Microbiome: How the modern version differs from our ancestors and what that means for our general health

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Some members of PR, myself included, believe that the gut microbiome has more to do with this creepy little poltergeist of an illness than many realize, and are working towards an understanding of how it can be used to improve our quality of life.

In the spirit of " ....knowledge is power...", I occasionally post various articles on this fascinating subject in the hope that one or more of them may provide the connecting dots or a link between symptomatology and possible QOL improvements for one or more of us ....

Soooooo .... here's another one, on the somewhat icky subject of fossilized coprolites, and what they tell us about the difference between our ancestor's gut and our own, and what that may mean in terms of some of the ills that plague modern mankind. Peoplekind. Personkind. Whatever ...

Mass Extinction in The Human Gut Revealed by Fossil Remains of 2,000-Year-Old Feces

"The human microbiome is a fascinating and complex machine,
and in recent years, scientists have been discovering that it plays a much more important role in keeping our bodies healthy than we previously realized. But our understanding of how the human microbiome has changed over time is limited.

Enter fossilized feces, scientifically known as coprolites. Although these fossils may seem rather unpleasant, they can be rich sources of information about how ancient animals lived, revealing complex information about diet and intestinal parasites and diseases."
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here's another one, on the somewhat icky subject of fossilized coprolites,

I think paleo coprolites sounds more accurate -

2000 years isn't really that long to "fossilize" something, I wouldn't think.

Of course it makes perfect sense that-if we are so busy sterilizing and killing soil (soil is a living thing, dirt is not)...we are damaging the common sources of these creatures.

So we dream of how would we fix it? That one brand, invented by a Crohns victim, supposedly came from some, secret strange special probiotic enclave (soil pocket) in a rainforest.