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More B12 or start adding Folate?

So I understand the basic 'Deadlock Quartet' ramp up of @Freddd 's protocol is to start with the B12s (MeCbl & AdoCbl) and then progress to titrating folate and finish it up by titrating carnitine. The area I have had a bit of an issue clarifying is where the B12 ramp up ends and the introduction of folate begins.

On a daily basis I am currently taking 2x CountryLife Methyl B12 – 5,000mcg tablets under the lip in succession, followed 2-3hrs later by a Source Natural Dibencozide 10mg tablet. I am at the point where I don't see a noticeable effect from taking the B12s which has me wondering if I need to test to determine the penetrative dose levels to make sure I am at saturation or if I need to move on to adding folate.

My concern is in getting on the mediocrity treadmill, where I am supplementing enough B12 to diminished a lot the issues, but not enough to feel fairly confidant I have maximized the potential benefits from supplementation and haven't left much potential healing on the table. In essence I don't want to be wasteful, but want to make sure I am taking enough.

All of this is further complicated by comments I've read that folate is needed to maximize the efficiency of B12.
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I've now been on Freddd's Protocol for 2+ years. I've seen several people here run into problems w/ taking folate. It's unclear to me whether we're able to reliably link its usefulness, or otherwise, to specific snps. For me, folate/B12 has been life changing.

Fred has suggested taking AdB12 once a week, away from MB12, believing this enhances the absorption of both. good luck.