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Mom and Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Couldn’t Figure Out Cause of Mystery Illness-Secret (Moldy) Room


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Concord, NH
One Georgia mother was shocked when she recently discovered the cause of her 4-year-old daughter’s mysterious illnesses that had been plaguing her for several months: a hidden basement room that appeared to be covered in black mold.

Cherylyn Woody and her daughter, Olivia, had moved into their rental home in Duluth, Georgia, in 2014. But after five or six months of living there, Woody noticed that her daughter began to experience “deep chest wheezing,” coughing, sinus drainage and watery eyes, according to an interview that she gave to HLN’s Nancy Grace. But after Woody took Olivia to a pediatrician, who prescribed her with an inhaler, she still saw no improvement in her daughter’s condition. And Woody began to fall ill as well.

The final straw came when test results found eight different fungi inside her daughter’s sinuses, according to WSB-TV. That’s when Woody decided to call in Bio-One Atlanta to inspect her rental home.


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