Mold Symptoms vs PEM


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Lately i have been feeling more fatigued than usual.I am in a tropical environment where there is some humidity and i do my best to avoid the hottest parts of the days.Lately,it has been a nasty kind of fatigue and because i move around a bit on the moderate end of the severity scale its difficult for me to keep this airbnb clean.Last two nights i grounded my feet on the beach standing for about 45mins to an hour each.I don't think it did anything

There is alot of dust on the floor.I need to get the place cleaned while shopping for supplements.I don't what it is as i am used to the typical waking up fatigued but sometimes it feels like a cancer/semi poisonis type of fatigue early in the morning.I wonder how much of this is mold i cannot see.Had a few ham and cheese sandwiches last night for dinner as well.

Sometimes it feels that intentionally deconditioning and doing nothing helps.It strange because a month ago i had quite a bit of energy

Thank you