MMS or anything for dental pain/infection?


iherb code TAK122
Has anyone used this product, the testimonals on the site look rather impressive but does that mean anything really? Having really bad pain from a tooth next to 2 I have just had re-filled after having mercury fillings out. The white filling looks okay and no sign of infection on an x-ray but I can't chew on that side without severe pain, dentist said maybe bone trauma but it feels like an infection to me. If not MMS anyone used anything for infections which has worked?
I just feel1 step forward in having mercury out and now 3 back with the pain. Still got 4 fillings to go god help me.
Anything would be appreciated.


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Yeah I've used it. Was given some by a dentist. You gotta be really careful taking it, otherwise it's like drinking battery acid. I am not really sure it helped at all to be honest. Really who knows if it works, but I've read the claims. I know that teeth can become really sensitive after mercury fillings are removed. Both my parents had theirs removed, and both saw benefits, but in completely different ways. Perhaps your pain is reflective pain from having the mercury removed, but it could be an infection. I'd let things settle down for a while and see how it plays out.

When you had your fillings out, did the dentist follow the IOMAT protocol ? Essentially just rubber damn etc. It's really quite important that dentists do that, otherwise you'll get a massive exposure of mercury whilst he is drilling in your mouth, and probably end up swallowing it as well. Also make sure that any replacement material you have put into your mouth, is metal free, especially crowns because a lot contain nickel. Nickel is known to be carcinogenic, but that doesn't seem to stop dentists filling peoples mouthes with it.

I was down the pub the other weekend and one of the bar staff had this necklace thing around her neck, and her whole neck became bright red. She didn't bother taking it off. I asked her about it and she said she was allergic to the metal, and probably should have put some nail varnish or something on it so it didn't directly come into contact with her skin. She smiled and I got a good view of all those lovely amalgams in her mouth. What a shame. Imagine if that same metal she was allergic to, was in her mouth. I wonder what interesting auto immune diseases she might get.