Mitochondrial Fusion energy defficits

Hello there I was reading two older posts that referenced a particular mutation that I keep coming back to based on family history. I've linked the two previous discussion thread for phoenix rising below, as well as the gene and corresponding "RS" number but also the "I" number the 23andMe typically uses internally.
I'd love to know if you were ever able to track down any more information on this mutation, it seems to have strange lineage. Some of the databases report that it's a very low percentage in the population while others had it at 20% when I looked it up about 2 years ago that has since been erased.
I've contacted 23andMe but it seems they never want to investigate a particular SNP and rather cop out to the clause that their information is not diagnostic.
Please let me know if you have any research insight, I dont know if anymore collects user gene profiles on Phoneix anymore.

Although this mutation is associated with charcot marie tooth disease it can present as mild symptoms taking decades to accumulate much like Leber Optic because it affects mitichondrial energy tranfer at its core
Thank you.

Rs119103264 (Mfn2) gene.
23andme "I" number i5008699