Mitochondria efficiently adapt to changing metabolic conditions, published Feb 10/22


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"A recent study explains an essential component for proper mitochondrial function: The protein complexes MICOS and ATP synthase can communicate with each other."

"Mitochondria, the power plants of the cell, make massive contributions to the energy supply of the body by burning metabolites with the help of oxygen.... Defects in these processes result in severe human diseases. "
I don't understand this but someone else may benefit.

Rufous McKinney

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I'm into the mitochondria. It sort of figures, it being an actual once upon a time independent organism and all.

Here is a diagram I located, showing this physical architecture referred to as MICOS. Its necessary to maintain the cristae- folds on the inner membrane where much action takes place.

Sometimes I think pictures of things going on in our bodies might be helpful for visualizing purposes. Can we direct our attention to an area of the body not quite working right and: make internal corrections? Maybe?