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Minnesota Long COVID Hearing & Budget Proposal Support from ME/CFS


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Midwest, USA
Sharing a recent legislative hearing (3/21/23) in Minnesota on a State Department of Health bill that includes a Long COVID budget proposal.

Two ME/CFS advocates showed in-person to testify for support.

House Health Finance and Policy Committee 3/21/23 - Part 2

Some time-stamps from the hearing, if interested in viewing:

- At at 19:50 minute mark. Department of Health Commissioner shares the ‘Supporting Long COVID Survivors and Monitoring Impact’ budget proposal in the bill

- At 44:00 minute mark, the President of Minnesota ME/CFS Alliance testifies in support of the Long COVID proposal

- At 48:50, the Director of Advocacy & Outreach for Minnesota ME/CFS Alliance testifies in support of the Long COVID proposal.

- At 1 hour mark, Rep. Andy Smith, “Just something very quick. I think it’s very telling, that in an evening committee meeting, where we all want to go home, that a lot of our testifiers tonight talked about Long COVID and the need to remember those people. It’s easy to remember now that we’re past the hardest part of the pandemic, and think that we’re past that, but a lot of Minnesotans are suffering from that. This is a big bill, with a lot of great stuff, but I just wanted to comment on how powerful I found that. Again, on a Tuesday night, we had a lot of people here talking about Long COVID and the need for us to take care of those Minnesotans and not forget about them.”
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