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Mild to moderate facial pain when fatigue is high. Could CCI be the cause?

I'm 25/M and have had mild chronic fatigue for the past three years which may have transitioned to moderate in recent months.

I've increasingly been feeling facial pain when my fatigue is higher, which is usually in the mornings, where I try to sneak in a 1 hour nap, upon which the fatigue is somewhat alleviated the rest of the day. I don't seem to have facial pain when my fatigue is lower.

By facial pain, I mean a general stiffness and ache and heaviness (like it's full of lead) all around my forehead, my cheeks and around and perhaps inside my mouth. This is the first time I'm experiencing a seemingly significant symptom outside of fatigue, as I've typically not had any of the other symptoms associated with CFS.

Could this facial pain be a symptom of CCI? It seems to be listed as a possible symptom.

I've been looking into CCI as a cause for my fatigue. I've taken MRI scans with flexion and extension, and from my amateurish study, the CXA is borderline (139 degrees) and the Translational BAI is pathological (about 2mm).

I'm yet to send my scans to Dr Gilete and really hope it yields a positive diagnosis.