Methylation treatment helping significantly, under a few conditions

OK guys I once again started a methylation protocol of originally 400 mcg MF and a sublingual Hydroxocobalamin. I've now ordered Methyl and Andeno because this might have caused me problems.

Since starting, I had the usual improvement in everything especially cognition (less dementia like - also I'm in my 20s) I am highly confident my neurological issues stem from methylation in some way shape or form.

Anyways, I made the mistake of taking hydroxo because it can convert into both active forms, and I took two high dose sublinguals for over an hour each a day for 5 days. This left me with crippling fatigue and sleepiness (while improving my mood somehow). Yes, I am very much on top of my potassium.

I realized from old posts on this forum that this might be a donut hole insufficieny of some sort. I held a 500mcg MTF tablet under my tongue and within 45 minutes the 3 days of crippling fatigue completely dissipated. I stopped the B12. This morning I woke up, and took more MTF... mid afternoon the fatigue came back 1000%. Took another 500 mcg MTF and now once again I am normal.

Question - is my sudden need for a lot of MTF coming from the fact that I jumped the gun with extreme amounts of a poor form of B12?

Any tips? Thanks guys


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So the member here in post #9 (a doctor from Italy) said he joined because he felt many were going at methylation the wrong way here and made some suggestions:

Edit: He's difficult to find in the system maybe because he changed his user name once but here the listings of his posts:

If you think what he is saying has merit, I encourage you to go back and find his initial posts. Those are where he explains his thoughts more fully on what is occurring. If you click on See More at the bottom of the first page, there is a 2nd page of his posts as well.
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