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Methylation and Ammonia

What is the reason behind Dr. Amy Yasko’a idea of bringing down ammonia before starting, or continuing, methylated B vitamins? I’ve got very high ammonia, as well as a deficiency in B vitamins (especially B12 and folate).

When I take a B complex, my brain feels much foggier, but I can also tell that I desperately need it, as my cognitive function changes, under the layer of fog.


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
Some of the b vitamins like thiamine and biotin (I believe) are also sulfur/thiols. I don't do well with those. If I take sulfur/thiols too often I get migraines.

Can you get the vitamins you need from food? Many times when I can't take a medicine I look for it in a natural form and can take it to some degree then. Parsley and brown rice are high in b vitamins, I think. ?? (Something to research anyway.)
I was taking a B complex every day, as well as B12 injections every other day for months. I felt that the B12 injections helped somewhat to begin with, then I felt them not working anymore. (I was vegetarian for 16 years, and barely took any B vitamins back then). I believe it’s because my ammonia has been really high, and I have been so out of it and “asleep” because of it. My nervous system has been asleep, especially my sensory nervous system. Now that I’ve been reducing ammonia (still have a lot), I can feel the difference when I take my methylated B vitamin supplement. A couple weeks ago when I started taking them again, I immediately felt nerves in my head “wake up,” and a good tingly sensation in my head. I also feel more confident and sure of myself when I take them. But they increase the fog. I still have severe memory loss, chronic fatigue and severe brain fog, but I’m wondering if I need to continue taking the B complex to improve even more. I don’t want to do any more damage by taking them when it’s not the right time, but at the same time I don’t want to do any more damage if I need them! I read that it was important to reduce ammonia as much as possible, then take the methylated B complex to repair the myelin sheath.

Isn’t methylation necessary when detoxing ammonia and other toxins?

can you further describe what you mean?