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Medical symptoms of ME

Guido den Broeder

Senior Member
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Results from the patient panel of the Stichting ME Research for the first quarter of 2012.

Symptom index
Source (in Dutch): http://www.mevereniging.nl/lichamelijke-uitputting-belangrijkste-klacht

Physical exhaustion 8.5
Mental exhaustion 6.6
Poor night's rest 6.5
Muscle weakness 6.5
Muscle pain 6.4
Stomach and intestinal complaints 5.8
Difficulties following what happens or is being said 5.6
Difficulties speaking or concentrating on a task 5.5
Ear, nose and throat complaints 5.5
Headaches 4.9
Joint pain 4.7
Dizziness 4.3
Vision problems 4.2
Tender lymph glands 3.9
Hearing problems 3.1

The scores run from 0 tot 10.
Number of respondents: 35.