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Media Coverage of Dr. Alters NIH paper, post stories here


East Coast, USA
I will try and keep this post updated with the media coverage of the Dr. Lo & Alter NIH study. Please post any stories in this thread and I will update this post with them

Medical Journals
PNAS, Dr. Alter NIH\FDA Paper\Study: Detection of MLV-related virus gene sequences in blood of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and healthy blood donors
PNAS, comments on findings: Mouse retroviruses and chronic fatigue syndrome: Does X (or P) mark the spot?
PNAS, editorial: Patients, patience, and the publication process
Science: Second Paper Supports Viral Link to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (A Must Read!)
Science: New XMRV Paper Looks Good, Skeptics Admit—Yet Doubts Linger

NIH Teleconference
Initial Press Release from NIH: http://www.nih.gov/news/health/aug2010/cc-23.htm
Julius recorded the whole NIH teleconference (THANKS!) and Dolphin then uploaded the files to the web
Hosted on yousendit.com:
Part 1: https://www.yousendit.com/download/aHlTQk13Mm1ENlN4dnc9PQ
Part 2: https://www.yousendit.com/download/aHlTQk13TXZPSHl4dnc9PQ
Hosted on Mediafire.com:
Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?6phy8fyxxj4mhy9
Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?40esxfnjflnyzhz
A typed transcript of the teleconference can be found on WPI's website (click here)

NIH, FDA, & CDC Information Pages
Q&A on Dr. Alter's Paper
NIH News article: Viruses Found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients (8/30)

Dedicated ME-CFS & Neuro-immune Disease Organizations \ Blogs
Age of Autism: The Whittemore-Peterson Institute - A Light in the Darkness (XMRV Update!!!)
CFIDS: Another Turn of the Retrovirus Kaleidoscope
CFIDS: Comparison of Published XMRV and Murine Leukemia-Related Virus (MLV) Studies in Patients with CFS
CFIDS: A Pictorial Essay to Describe XMRV, MLVs and Gammaretroviruses
CFIDS: FollowUp FAQs to the Study by Lo, Alter et al.
CFS Central: THE FDA/NIH/Harvard “XMRV” Study: The Same Thing, Only Different
CFS Patient Advocate: XMRV = MLV-like variant
CFS Patient Advocate: The second most important day in ME/CFS
The ME Association (UK): ME Association summary and statement on results of the new retroviral study
Phoenix Rising Blogs: Four Viruses! Alter Paper Confirms Retroviral Activity in CFS

Mainstream Media
WSJ: Study Finds Retroviruses in Chronic Fatigue Sufferers
Washington Post: New evidence that virus may cause chronic fatigue
Washington Post: Mouse virus link to chronic fatigue is studied (AP)
Washington Post: Chronic fatigue study points to retrovirus
NYtimes: Study Links Chronic Fatigue to Virus Class
Bloomberg: Chronic Fatigue Linked to Mouse Virus in U.S. Government Study
US News & World Report: More Evidence Mouse Virus Plays Role in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Reuters: New mouse virus found in chronic fatigue patients
NPR: Scientists Find Traces Of Virus In Chronic Fatigue Patients
CNN: New evidence linking mouse virus and chronic fatigue
i09 (gawker): Further proof that chronic fatigue syndrome is linked to viruses
LA Times: Study reignites debate over virus' role in chronic fatigue
Daily Mail (UK): Chronic fatigue syndrome 'may be caused by mouse-related virus'
WSJ: PNAS Paper on Virus-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Link Has Its Own Story
NPR Marketplace: Private funds helped push Chronic Fatigue research (Story at 10min 50 sec in downloaded show mp3)
WSJ: Does X (the Virus, That Is) Mark the Spot in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
The Birmingham News: Virus associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, according to research by NIH, FDA
WSJ: Betting on X — As in XMRV — With a Big-Ticket Research Center

Specialty Sites: Health \ Magazines \ Other
About.com: NIH/FDA Study Confirms: XMRV Tied to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Discover: Chronic Fatigue Debate Goes on: New Study Links the Syndrome to a Virus
Emory Health Now Blog: A family of troublemakers known as XMRV
Health Central: FDA/NIH Study Finds Evidence of Retrovirus in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
New Scientist: Virus link with chronic fatigue syndrome resurfaces
ProHealth: A Historical Watershed in the Study of ME/CFS and Associated Illnesses
Psychology Today: MLV Joins XMRV As The Latest Unproven Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Psychology Today: XMRV Virus Confirmed in CFS
TheScientist: Q&A: (Randy Schekman, editor in chief of PNAS) Why I delayed XMRV paper
Scientific American: New research linking chronic fatigue syndrome to retrovirus is released after being held by journal
Virology Blog: PMRV joins XMRV as possible etiologic agent of chronic fatigue syndrome (9/9)
WebMD: Virus Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

WPI Responses
YouTube Video: Annette congratulates Alter and Lo
YouTube Video: Judy Mikovits reacts to the Lo/Alter paper
Statement on XMRV/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Positive replication study confirms WPI’s findings


disjecta membra
Los Angeles, CA
Please be alert, folks, to the fact that all we will see at first is a straight regurgitation of the press release, and that will probably re-appear in many venues before actual reporting starts to show up.
From the NY Times:"Dr. Alter was quick to note that its not at all proven that a retrovirus causes chronic fatigue syndrome. Instead, such an infection could result from underlying problems with the immune system."

Has this possibility been explored and or discounted before? Anyone out there with scientific understanding love to hear your thoughts...

I find this prospect really worrying!


Senior Member
The first few comments on the WSJ piece are classic denialist. If anyone is able to post a reasoned comment there, it might help drown out the madness.


Senior Member
NAIL the morons on WSJ. Stupid, nasty comments. Sounds to me like the CDC morons and other idiots.


Senior Member
Telebriefing is available to listen NOW: 5 pm EST

I am listening to it now! "For replay, dial 1-866-373-4990 and enter passcode 5711"


Senior Member
Ah, ok...
I tipped a few papers and websites in my country as well. Lets get the news out :)