ME/CFS skeptic: a new ME/CFS research blog


I'm an ME/CFS patient from Belgium who make summaries of and critical commentaries of ME/CFS research (examples are this post on virology blog or this article on Simon Mcgrath's blog).

I've now made a new website for my comments on and summaries of ME/CFS research. My latest article is an overview of the most interesting ME/CFS research findings of 2020.

If you're interested you can subscribe to email notification when a new article appears or follow updates on the Facebook page ME/CFS skeptic.

Intersting thanks, just a note, the title of your site kind of sounds like you are skeptical that ME exists, it got me on the defensive right away.
Thanks for the feedback.

I hope to reclaim the name 'skeptic' from those who use to be dismissive of certain ideas, often with a righteous tone. I see skepticism more as trying to figure out what makes sense or not, challenging different claims to see what holds up after closer scrutiny. More about that in the about page:
I explicitly call myself a skeptic even though I realize the term has gotten a bad name. It is often associated with critics who mock people because they believe in incredible ideas like homeopathy or conspiracy theories. I’m not a fan of a righteous tone.

For me skepticism refers to an appreciation of how little we know and how difficult it is to obtain reliable evidence. It’s about poking evidence, questioning it to see what holds up, and suspending judgement until we have some robust information. It’s also about understanding the history of medicine and the many times we thought we had an effective treatment when we didn’t.