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ME/CFS doc in South Jersey area

Seen three different docs the past two years, labs come back normal and they pretty much say get more sun and start walking more (maybe take vitamin D supplement) I tried telling what I think iv'e had for the past 5 years and would like to try b-12 shot, myers coctail etc but they said I would just pee them out if i'm not depleted. I'm currently taking 4.5 mg LDN, 1200 NAC , 200 coQ10 & D-ribose. I feel like i've made improvements from last yr but still can't get a normal job bc of the persistent fatigue and brain fog, I have no pain. Currently investigating Mestinon, Famciclovir + celebrex and oxytocin. Would love to see an actual specialist bc I feel like i'm running out of time, my savings are depleted and I have no other source or income.