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ME/CFS Discovery Research Network (MDRN) - Australian collaborative network

Melbourne, Australia
Some news from the recently formed ME/CFS Discovery Research Network (MDRN), a group of Australian researchers collaborating on ME/CFS, about their upcoming research workshop. This group includes some members of Melbourne Bioanalytics: Chris Armstrong, Neil McGregor and Don Lewis.

Research Workshop 2018
ME/CFS Discovery Research Network (MDRN)

Organisers: Dr. Sarah J. Annesley (La Trobe University), Mr. Jim Chambers, Prof. Paul Fisher (La Trobe University).

“The MDRN is a network of collaborating researchers established early in 2018 to formalise existing collaborations amongst ME/CFS researchers at five Australian universities (La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, Victoria University and the ANU). All of the MDRN researchers are working in collaboration with others in the network and with the CFS Discovery Clinic of Dr. Don Lewis. Research outcomes are reviewed by the Clinic for their possible value in clinical practice. MDRN researchers enjoy collaborative links with multiple international researchers in the field and have collectively published 60 biomedical research papers on diverse aspects of ME/CFS.

The first MDRN research workshop will take place at La Trobe University on Saturday, 8 December 2018. This is a closed workshop that will bring together all MDRN researchers to present their research and discuss current and future collaborative research directions. After the workshop the MDRN will report back to the ME/CFS community with non-confidential, significant highlights.”


Senior Member
Oh wow, this is exciting news. Thanks for sharing.

I really hope this continues and we get to hear how things go/what comes of the overall collaboration over time (and/or individual meetings).