ME/CFS Comic Series


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Hello there,
I've had a few comics done to capture some of my own experiences and observations during my journey with ME/CFS. Unfortunately, as I've become more severe, my ability to find humour has subsided, and I've run out of ideas. Maybe members can contribute some more ideas? If your ideas work as a comic, I might be able to get some more done. No promises though.

Here are some to get us started. Enjoy! Maybe with enough we can put them into a booklet for fundraising, use them with awareness campaigns, postcards for doctors, or even for new members with early onset ME/CFS. At the very least, I hope you get a laugh.

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@RebeccaRe Do you have access to the PR Twitter account and post them there. I can RT
I don't, but I know a guy ;) I think there was a post on Facebook the other day

A few experiences of mine that might be comic worthy:
• Outlining my litany of woe to a doctor (bone crushing exhasution, etc), only to be asked: "But have you tried exercising? You know, really pushing??"
• When seeing that same doctor a month later, having her walk in the room with a big grin asking: "Feeling better yet?"
• Receiving normal blood test results and being told: "This is great! There's nothing wrong with you!"
• Receiving an abnormal blood test result only to have the doctor say: "Well, it's estimated that these numbers are off in 5% of the population, so these don't tell us anything meaningful."