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ME/CFS Collaborative Research Centers Launch a 'Community Advisory Committee'


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NIH Announcement

To foster communication and engagement with ME/CFS stakeholders, the ME/CFS Collaborative Research Centers have launched a new 'Community Advisory Committee (CAC)' to be managed by the Center for Solutions for ME/CFS at Columbia University.

The goals are to increase communication, participation, and the pace of research.

The CAC will serve as a bridge between the larger ME/CFS community and researchers in the Collaborative Research Centers. The Advisory Committee will include people living with ME/CFS, caregivers, advocates, and representatives from #MEAction and Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

The CAC will assign working groups based on the needs of the community as well as the Collaborative Research Centers. The initial working groups will focus on:

1. Information dissemination to increase communication about CRC findings,
2. Study feasibility to ensure that researchers take into account sensitivities and limitations of clinical studies in people with ME/CFS,
3. Scientific priorities to develop recommendations for future ME/CFS research efforts.

To learn more, please visit CfSforMECFS.org.
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