ME/CFS and long haul- vaccine effects from New Zealand study

Rufous McKinney

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Professor Warren Tate quoted in news paper article below, suggests we should be able to be exempted from the COVID vaccines. (bottom link)

A survey of respondents (this is not a random survey)

  • 395 respondents identify with an ME/CFS diagnosis
  • 144 with Fibromyalgia (some overlap with ME/CFS)
  • 19 with COVID-19
  • 5 diagnosed with, and 32 suspect, Long COVID

The survey is open and ongoing, preliminary summary indicates

Vaccine effect on state of illness/wellness for 359 respondents
  • 137 (34.8%) experienced no change/stay the same
  • 118 (32.9%) temporarily worsened but have returned to baseline
  • 71 (19.8%) worsened and not returned to baseline – relapsed
  • 22 (6.1%) improved
  • 11 (3.1%) worsened beyond anything experienced in illness to date – severe relapse
289 respondents did not have any new symptoms that they could attribute to the vaccine.

52 stated that they had new symptoms that they could attribute to the vaccine. These symptoms tended to be over-activation of the immune response, e.g. sore throat, swollen neck glands, allergy reactions. Of these 52 – 4 individuals have gastrointestinal issues, 2 experienced more fatigue whilst 1 indicated improved energy.

Newspaper report:


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Professor Warren Tate's quotes fit some of my symptoms:
"Most ME/CFS sufferers develop the illness as a post-viral response. Tate says the physiology of sufferers is profoundly disrupted and at the core of their disease is a dysfunctional immune system,
Many had food and chemical sensitivities, and a quarter of sufferers were in the acute phase of their disease and therefore at high-risk of an adverse reaction, he added."