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ME/CFS and Appendix


Senior Member
York, England
Hi, I’ve just had a CT scan of my thorax, it was requested to check I didn’t have lymphoproliferative disease. My lymph nodes had no concern with them, however they noticed an enlarged appendix, it’s not cancer and not about to burst.

After some research I found that it’s believed the appendix is actually part of the immune system. As I believe my illness is caused by a chronic infection of EBV, it’s to be expected by me that parts of my immune system will be enlarged/inflamed/reacting to the infection.

I’ve been taking valacyclovir for a year now after 27 years of illness and my health has improved since taking the medication.

They want to take my appendix out as a precaution, but I view it as an identifying symptom that confirms chronic illness that’s attempting to do its job and not taken as worrying sign. Does anyone else have a similar experience? Thanks.