ME/CFS Advocacy Day April 20! Any Mainers Want to Register?


Moose Enthusiast
As you may know, the Solve ME/CFS Initiative and Long Covid Alliance have organized the 5th annual ME/CFS (and now also Long COVID) Advocacy day on April 20! They're trying to get people from as many congressional districts as possible to register in order to reach a large number of congressional delegates.

Of course, you can sign up to participate if you live anywhere in the United States! Here is the link to register:

But right now there is a particular need for people from Maine to register to ensure that their senators and representatives hear the voices of people with ME/CFS! So if you live in Maine, please consider signing up today!

Your first time lobbying? Not a problem! The Solve ME/CFS Initiative will make sure that you feel supported and know what to do.

Although the final deadline to register is April 6th, it's suggested that people sign up by *this* Tuesday, March 23rd.