McLean's article about Long COVID and ME


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Sabrina Poirier, mentioned in the article, worked long and hard with the author to ensure she got things as right as possible (of course, the editor has final say):

This summer, Fung spoke out on social media about being a physician with long COVID and was surprised by the cruelty of some of the responses. She says a psychiatrist reached out to tell her that her problems are all in her head; another physician told her that she’s not fit to practise medicine. She is distressed at how often patients with long COVID, even those who work in health care, are not believed. “We have continued beliefs out there in the profession that long COVID is not real, and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are not real,” she says. “It’s very minimizing and invalidating to hear that from my own colleagues. If that’s how they’re talking to me, what are they saying to patients?”


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Long covid came up again on the doctors subreddit and the views most doctors expressed once again appalled me and many others. They promptly shut the thread and deleted the evidence, not because the doctor and his advice for getting a good therapist was wrong, no for the brigading by patients appalled by his behavior.

As it stands half the CFS clinics in the UK are refusing to follow the NICE guidelines, the rest have no clue what to do with themselves and we are constantly seeing long haul research papers with various forms of testing of exertion and exercise. The level of prejudice in the healthcare systems around the globe isn't taken seriously and until we have mechanisms to report physicians for such abuse and its dealt with under professional review its not going to change. This attitude isn't going away on its own.