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Mastocytosis coexisting conditions


Senior Member
Sth Australia

I have lots of the coexisting masto conditions, many of these are common to in ME/CFS.

On that masto coexisting condtion list, I have or have had the following
- Raynauds
- FM
- Dysautonomia
- Hypertension (I get orthostatic hypertension)
- Diabetes (basically have at this point but yet to be diagnosed)
- Vertigo (I have severe bout of that one time, almost threw my guts up due to it)

- Addisons disease (I dont have but I have had out of normal range, low cortisol 24 hr results)
- Mitral valve prolaspe (I suspect I have one which opens up at times due to having 2 leaky valves which indicate but it currently is undiagnosed)
- Neuropathy (Ive had this in the past with the ME but it wasnt diagnosed)

Anyway.. its interesting to see just how many of the masto coexisting conditions are ME/CFS ones too.