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cfs since 1998

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A friend sent me an email with a study that was done by Dr.Joseph Pagano .
http://www.unclineberger.org/research/faculty/display member.asp?ID=137
He talks about why certain anti-virals work and why Maribavir would be most beneficial.
Has anyone read his publications?
Interesting, thanks for posting. However the drug is not FDA approved yet so I'm not sure what there is to say about it at this point in time. We'll just have to keep an eye on it.


Hi alice1,

Thanks for posting that study. It is promising that maribavir (MBV) may be a better option for those (like me) that are treating EBV reactivation. The focus of the article was on its use in primary EBV (and HCMV) infections, but there was a mention of its use for those with reactivation that so many PWC have.

There is, therefore, a strong interest in MBV because of its favorable toxicity profile as well as efficacy (32, 63). Moreover, since EBV as well as HCMV are reactivated and produce disease in immunosuppressed patients such as bone marrow and organ transplant recipients (38, 55), MBV is a promising agent with a dual potential.


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is this drug available to general public yet? treating viral reactivation i think is going to be a big thing if xmrv turns out to cause this reactivation as well as treating the retrovirus itself.


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No it's not approved . Too bad.
I'm going to see an HIV doctor at the end of the month so I was reading up on some of the anti-virals.He wanted to talk with me as well so I hope this means he's prepared to work with me in some capacity.He may have HIV patients who also have CFS/ME he may be interseted in the XMRV findings.I don't know what he's got to say but I'm so ready with my stack of articles.As long as he wants to engage in some capacity I'd be happy.I want to start working with some one who knows the meds and maybe has some ideas of their own.This could be great or not!
If any one here would like to add to the stack,please do.