Manual therapy for CCI


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I haven't read about manual therapy for CCI in the forums here yet. Has someone tried it? There are different concepts which possibly might help, for example Maitland, Crafta, special form of Atlas therapy (Arlen) and probably more.

I had a rotational CT back in 2009 (CT after Dvorak) and was told that I don't have a rotational instability. But it was interesting to see that in rotation I had 0° between C0/ C1 and C2/C3, which I interpret as complete blocking. Rotation between C1/C2 was normal (30-40° or so).

Nonetheless I have severe problems and don't know what to do (manual therapy did no good for me in the past, so I stopped it in 2010). I'm afraid that a manipulation in this area might worsen my symptoms, maybe even stroke or paraplegia. I have an appointment with a new doctor for manual therapy next week, so that's why am asking.

The other thing I could do is getting Upright MRT (I live in Germany, so that's no problem, just expensive) and send it to the CCI specialist in Spain. I have the feeling that most people get a positive diagnosis back. So what would that help me? I can't afford the surgery anyway.