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Lyrica ME/CFS study in Utah Looking for Participants


Phoenix Rising Founder
Patients will get some interesting gene expression results...and this study will further the Lights work on gene expression in ME/CFS and FM....they hope to interest a drug company in a product should their findings hold up.

Alan Light wrote

"we are looking for a small number of patients with FMS or FMS with CFS who live in the Salt Lake area who would like to try out Lyrica as a possible aid for their condition. Cindy Bateman's clinic will do careful screening and will titrate the patients up and down on Lyrica or Placebo, and we will do the exercise testing and blood draws here at the University of Utah Medical Center. We can provide the patients with their data (both the gene expression profiles for CFS and FMS that we have previously published, as well as data on 25 more genes we are currently testing, and provide a small amount of compensation for their time.

If they are interested, the contact #s are: Andrea White- 801-573-5387, or Dr. Bateman’s clinical research team at 801-532-8311. In either case tell them to mention that they are interested in the Lyrica study.