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Lump on back of my neck and extreme tiredness and weightloss

Hello. I have not posted here before. I just haven't had the motivation to but my health is turning into a more serious issue than I imagined. A summary of some of my problems are very low testosterone, very low estrogen, hypothyroid, low cortisol. Central Nervous System depression.

I generally over the years have had lot of chronic fatigue, orthostatic intolerance, immense brain fog, difficulty communicating due to fog, poor memory, anhedonic depression, very low motivation, low emotion, poor ability to experience pleasure, and immense difficulty dealing with stress (fight or flight agitating reactions), and problems with peripheral circulation. Easier to think when laying down or sitting in shower with water flowing around me. Most of my problems began when I took Accutane several years ago which has been linked to HPA dysfunction. I been socially withdrawn and not taking part in much of life. Certain anti-depressants have helped over the years but underlying issues would often remain.

But lately past several months I been even especially more tired and more withdrawn. About a year ago a really bad fungal infection on my back began and gradually got worse, eventually I started to get it under control somewhat with nizoral and some Ketoconazole cream. But for years have had fungus infections in my toes which remain. Now I also have some small red spots on sides of my face and a little on my nose. Concerned I may be dealing with other infections. Also have redness on both my cheeks, left side more, and some obvious redness on my nose. The lump on my back though is new. Had it for bit over two months. It has possibly even gotten bigger lately.

I am 5'7, male, weigh 115 (weighed 137+ few years ago), early 30s. Pronounced dark circles around my eyes. Doctors even a year ago told me I look sick but basic testing would not reveal anything other than hormonal problems. My skin on my face is sometimes bit yellow.

What tests should I get? The lump feels like jelly bean size and in carotid artery section and lympth nodes on the back of my neck close to the very top of my spine. I been looking up cancer symptoms and I am concerned. Hope it's just infection or whatever. I been having unexplained weight loss this year and difficulty putting on any weight. Lack of color in my face, bad skin infections, lot of tiredness and low energy regardless of how much or how little I sleep. Some spots on my face too. Lot of redness on left cheek, some on right, and some redness on nose definitely.

My energy been extremely poor and I been feeling down too :(

What tests should I get? I'm in Canada. My family doctor is no good so I will do a walk in clinic. I'm thinking annual check up (been 14 months maybe(, cancer screening, neck ultrasound? Yesterday after Omega 3 I felt more pain in my carotid arteries section around my neck and even felt my lump having some pain, normally it doesn't exhibit any. But pains in my carotid arteries are nothing new and I been experiencing them in some degree past few years whenever taking any blood thinning herbs/supplements.

Past few days I been even feeling bit sick but difficult to articulate. Even more foggy. Lot of body chills lately. Especially chills at various times after eating or taking meds/supplements.


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@IcyBlue22 welcome to the forums! We cannot make a diagnosis from a distance, nor should we. It would be best to see a dr of your choosing about your most pressing issues. It sounds like there are many.

I am from Canada too. i am concerned that by going through the walk-in clinic route, you might not get all the time you deserve to address the multiple issues. The physician might only have 10 minutes to be with you. That is why having a good family dr helps a lot, they know you.

If I were you I would list in order of priorities the things that worry you the most. (Your symptoms). Bring the labs that you have that are abnormal. This will serve you well especially if you are cognitively challenged or stressed out at the appointment. Bring someone with you if you can.

I hope this helps.


Hi there are some really good anti fungal meds that should sort your toes, I forget the name sorry, you have to stay on them for at least 3 months or something, see if family doc will agree to them.

It will be interesting to see what effect these pills then have on the rest of your symptoms.

sarah darwins

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Cornwall, UK
I been looking up cancer symptoms and I am concerned.

Don't panic! But do see a doctor and get a referral to a specialist for the lump. Most lumps are not a sign of something really serious but should be checked out as a matter of routine.

Lipomas (benign growths in fatty tissue) often occur on the back /shoulders / neck. I had quite a sizeable one on the upper back around 2008, when I was living in Canada. I'm sure I saw some research at the time suggesting that lipoma frequency is somewhat higher in people with me/cfs.

They're so benign that the practice is often to leave them, unless they're causing particular discomfort or anxiety. I had a very nice specialist, though, who removed mine "for investigative purposes", which she said with a wink. It was just a way of getting it removed at Health Canada's expense, rather than mine.


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Toronto, Canada
Welcome @IcyBlue22

I concur with Kati's suggestions - I would add taking an audio recorder to your appointments to ensure you don't miss any important information.

As difficult and frustrating as a process it can be, finding a good GP doctor who is open and collaborative is important. I also see an ND, and those experiences have been much more helpful in terms of treatment of symptoms.

My GP is by no means an ME specialist, but does not invalidate my experience, and is generally supportive of trying different things that I suggest.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. What kind of doctor do I get a referral to for autoimmune issues? I look like an HIV patient. I look horrific honestly. And all these infections keep on coming and the redness on my face been getting worse these months. Back fungus was out of hand over both sides and keeps coming back if i don't use the creams enough. Toes are almost all fungal except one. What kind of doc may be best at finding out what's wrong?

the only anti-fungal i have is fluconazole but such a longgg half-life and the antibiotic effects concern me. if part of this is candida then i may end up worse from it. a med that is antifungal and not antibiotic may be ideal. When i tried fluconazole last summer I felt very dysphoric for several days even after just one dose. The next month I was feeling worse, whether it was some lasting effect from fluconazole or not. Hard to say.

I want doctor to give me Nystatin but not sure he will. Btw I sometimes oddly feel significantly more energetic after certain antiacids like Magnesium or calcium but it is mixed with feelings of severe aggression and agitation at times.


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New Mexico
I would start off with getting tested for as many different viruses as you can. Is there any way you can see an immunologist?