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Luleå Sweden hosts Psychosomatic Conference, EAPM 2016 June 16-18


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Notice of the upcoming European Association for Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM 2016) conference in Luleå, Sweden was shared by @Denise in the discussion section of another thread ---> http://forums.phoenixrising.me/inde...rapy-guided-self-help-treatment-getset.44749/

Just thought I'd highlight it in a separate thread to better ensure that PR's Scandinavian members, especially, would be aware...

Conference organizer: Ursula Werneke of Umeå University. Conference attended/endorsed by Ullakarin Nyberg, Vice President Swedish Psychiatric Association. Speakers include May Blom, who participated in Fokusrapport--Kroniskt Trötthetssyndrom (2009)* -- the primary, fraudulent text used to deny care, insurance and disability assistance to people with ME in Sweden.


(Peter White -- also reported to be part of this conference -- was interviewed by Blom and others for the above-linked Fokusrapport, according to the above-linked Fokusrapport (p. 15). To my knowledge, no conflicts of interest were reported in the Fokusrapport. Compare Coyne's report on White conflicts of interest, http://web.archive.org/web/20160522...rventions-for-medically-unexplained-symptoms/

And White is a colleague too of Fink? http://web.archive.org/web/20160522.../04/karina-hansen-4-timeline-torture-tragedy/


Additional conference speakers include: Per Fink (http://justiceforkarina.webs.com/),

Michael Sharpe [PACE investigator] will be teaching a class on "How to succeed in clinical research". By attending, you will "Understand different study designs" and "Gain tips on writing up your results for publication". [How can this be real??!!],

Simon Wessely... "I have received a speakers fee from Janssen for a non promotional talk on psychological management of chronic fatigue syndrome."

Conference partners include Lundbeck -- accused (by Danish physician Stig Gerdes) of conflict-of-interests with Per Fink, http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/press-release-from-rebecca-hansen.29011/page-2#post-508084

[Edit: Karina Hansen was forcefully taken in 2013. This same year the Lundbeck Foundation donated DDK 11.5 million to Fink's project to research "Functional Somatic Syndromes". Lundbeck names CFS as one of the FSS to be studied. Lundbeck: "About 5 % of the Danish population suffers from FSS accounting for 10-20 % of the health care expenses."


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Michael Sharpe [PACE investigator] will be teaching a class on "How to succeed in clinical research". By attending, you will "Understand different study designs" and "Gain tips on writing up your results for publication". [How can this be real??!!],
Will I be able to order the course through late nite TV or the interwebs? :jaw-drop:
They are all colleagues in Eurasmus, their site has now been taken down, but you can read its members here
(Fink, White) (and Rosmalen and Knoop, two dutch colleagues who are currently on a health council committee with task to write advisory report on ME)

EAPM has its own journal http://www.jpsychores.com/content/edboard
Eurasmus members (like Henningen are editors) White, Wessely, Sharpe all on advisory board, together with one of the Dutch Health Council Committee members (Rosmalen)

People please sign if you can, this is why this petition is so important ME is not MUS/MUPS, the biopsychosocial model does not apply to ME!! We have 4 MUPS professionals on a health care council committee with the important task to write advisory report on ME to dutch parliament, who have direct links via Eurasmus /EAPM or their journal to Fink, White, Wessely, etc. .....

Please sign.
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Michael Sharpe [PACE investigator] will be teaching a class on "How to succeed financially with ideas that are portrayed as clinical research". By attending, you will "Understand different study designs and how to avoid using them" and "Gain tips on writing up your results for publication that your friends would bet their houses could not get published ".
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The conference started today... :(

Please let us know if you see or hear any media coverage or something like that.


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The twitter hashtag is #EAPM16

Live feed here


I :heart::heart::heart::heart:LOVE ME Militant :heart::heart::heart::heart:!!! Well done:star::star:. MEMilitant always gatecrashes various hashtags and highlights the truth.

Please RT.

anyone else on twitter can do the same and use the hashtag. Would be good to see all of Tuller's articles on this tag.
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Is chronic fatigue syndrome an inflammatory disorder?
R. Strawbridgea,b, M.-L. Sartora,c, A.H. Younga,b, A. J Clearea,b a) Centre for Affective Disorders,
Background: Chronically elevated inflammation provides a putative target in the search of a meaningful biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). While research has investigated levels of inflammatory biomarkers in people with CFS compared with healthy controls, these groups have not yet been examined at a meta-analytic level. To evaluate the degree and direction of these associations, we identified the existing evidence and combined these.

Method: A systematic review sought studies that compared levels of inflammatory proteins in people with a diagnosis of CFS. Using data from the included studies, meta-analyses compared levels of biomarkers measured in at least four studies. Results: 48 studies were included following the systematic search, and thirteen biomarkers were examined in analyses. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFa), transforming growth factor-beta (TGFb), c-reactive protein (CRP), interleukins 2 (IL-2), 4 (IL-4), 1-beta (IL-1b) and 12 (IL-12) were elevated in people with CFS compared to controls; the remaining biomarkers (IFNy, IL-1a, IFNa, IL-8, IL-10 and IL6) were not different between the two populations.

Conclusion: It is not possible at this stage to elucidate whether high inflammation in CFS is of primary pathophysiological importance or secondary to other factors (e.g. stressful experiences, sleep disturbances, physical deconditioning, endocrinological changes), and the role of inflammatory alterations in treatment is not addressed by these analyses. However, these results have potentially important implications for the understanding, classification and treatment for CFS, pending further investigations of inflammatory mechanisms.

My interpretation of their conclusions: the evidence shows clear inflammation in ME/CFS - however we dont want to say this is due to some underlying pathological process; we want to keep to our narrative that stress and psychological factors must be the cause - we know this is an objective function of an immune problem, which we previously argued didnt exist, but we need future research so we can keep looking at psychological factors.
Personality and chronic fatigue syndrome: a biopsychosocial


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Is chronic fatigue syndrome an inflammatory disorder?

In case anyone wants to be blinded by the pink background, here's the URL for the abstract:

R. Strawbridge(a,b), M.-L. Sartor(a,c), A.H. Young(a,b),
A.J Cleare(a,b)
a Centre for Affective Disorders, Institute of Psychiatry,
Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London, London, UK
b The NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at the South London and
Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute of Psychiatry,
Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London, London, UK
c School of Medicine, University of Padua, Padua, Italy