Low cholesterol


I have just got nu bloodtest back and I have very op cholesterol. I read about cholesterol and apparently low cholesterol and depression, suicidal ideation, trouble maling decisions, etc... have been linked to low cholesterol. All of which i have. The studies about low cholesterol are pretty scary so why always the focus in high chloesterol. Anyway how can i fix it? I read in the forum history andsaw aome information but is there new information. Increasing bile, manganese and riboflavine, hormones,... what has worked?


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There's are different types of cholesterol; some (HDL) with beneficial effects, some (LDL)with bad effects. As you age, it's common for the HDL to drop a bit. My doctor reported that mine was low, so I should take statins or omega-3 oil. I did my own research and found that statins were a bit scary, and fish oil had no real evidence to support its claimed benefits, and that moderate exercise was far better at reducing heart disease risk than either of those other options.

I suggest doing a bit more reading about cholesterol. By that I mean in scientific papers rather than health product marketing magazines. The latter source has lots of misinformation.