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Looking to rent room in USA: must be chair accessible


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New Zealand
Reaching out to the ME/CFS community in case anyone has a spare room and is open to a guest or roommate.

My US friend w Severe ME is currently in urgent need of a place to recuperate for a few months or longer while searching for new permanent housing, because they had to leave their last apartment due to circumstances beyond their control. Friend is on east coast, and is hoping to move to a new state to start afresh. They've been barely surviving at hotels but it's not sustainable since they have to keep moving and spending all energy on survival with none left for applying to housing.

They need a chair accessible room, available asap, either long term, or medium term while looking for new permanent housing.

They can pay up to 600/mo for a room (slightly more if utilities included). They have severe ME but are independent enough with a Powerchair to take care of self, including meals etc, just often need a lot of rest and privacy to rest.

They are interested in writing and art. They are quiet and not a big talker. They are responsible and considerate of any house rules. What they hope to find is housemates who communicate openly, respect each other's boundaries, and form a healthy mutual respect.

If anyone in the community can offer a room or knows someone who might be able to, please let me know.

What they're looking for in a place:

- accessible (no stairs preferred, or few enough to work with a temp ramp)

- COVID safe (on immunosuppresants)

- LGBTQ friendly housemate(s)

- ideally a place low-fragrance/free of scented chemical products

- Flexible on location. Willing to relocate.

- either medium or long term ok
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