Looking for CFS doctor/ clinic in England - East midlands


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If you're looking for treatments that actually work, there's no point in going to see a doctor, since doctors don't know what treatments to prescribe for a given individual with ME. There are treatments (there's a list somewhere on this forum, plus separate threads) that have claims to work for some (small number) of people, and treatments that work well for one individual but no one else. I expect there are plenty of people here for whom none of the listed treatments worked. Finding a treatment for your ME is a matter of trying lots of different things, and hoping that you'll get lucky and find one or more that work. My opinion is that common foods and herbs&spices and supplements are about as likely to work for a given individual as any expensive prescription-only treatments, and since they're cheaper, safer and more convenient than the prescription stuff, you might as well try them first.

For people with ME, doctors are useful for ruling out other possible diseases that are causing the symptoms. If there's a prescription drug you decide has a better than average chance of working, doctors are useful for writing a prescription ... if you can convince them to do so (sometimes not easy). Other than that, you're most likely better off not wasting your time, energy and money by going to a doctor for ME. If you searched this forum, I think you'd find a lot of comments along the lines of "I wish I hadn't bothered going to that doctor."