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Looking for a Function Medicine Doctor in the UK .. any suggestions?


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As the title says, im looking for a Function Medicine Doctor in the UK, preferably with a specialty in IBS and M.E related matters, the cheaper the better! Can anyone suggestion someone I mgith see?


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What are you expecting from a FMD? If you're hoping for expertly prescribed treatment for ME, you're out of luck, because no one knows how to correctly prescribe anything for ME. We all respond differently, and what works for one person doesn't work for most, and makes at least a few people worse. I doubt that any ME expert can choose treatments more successfully than random selection from lists here.

You might have better luck looking for an IBS expert without limiting your choices to ones that also 'specialize in ME'. I'm assuming that IBS specialists can actually help with IBS.
There’s not much variation in the prices charged by doctors in the UK for private consultations, because the main insurers have similar maximums that they will pay. Pretty much everyone is about £100 for a consultation. Obviously, in a country with free universal healthcare, at least in theory, there isn’t a tier of dodgy barber-surgeons who sell themselves on price.


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there is an CFS/ME specialist that uses functional medicine approaches to treat people with CFS/ME in the UK
she was a UK GP trained in the NHS - but i think now operates privately due to friction with the medical board
i think they went after her for using non conventional approaches - but her patients marched on their offices and i think they failed to show any evidence she caused any harm so they were not able to take any action against her

her name is Dr Sarah Myhill

she believes ME is caused by damage to the membrane of the mitochondria inside our cells
she thinks this is caused by different things in each persons case
eg infection, immune dysfunction, toxins/pesticide exposure, dysbiosis etc etc
and targets her treatment approaches on these root causes

she has published some scientific papers to demonstrate some grounds for her ideas

there are loads of cranks out there - but i think she is genuine enough


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York, England
I don't think Myhill accepts new patients, such is her demand.

If you take a look at he web site it gives good advice and you maybe able to decide on a path of care for you.